Hometowns – The English English Podcast Episode 6


High street – The big shopping street in the centre of a town or city.
Acadian – The French people who settled in Acadia in Eastern Canada and part
of Maine.
Spoons – Utensils used for eating liquids also used as a percussion instrument
when hit together with hands and different parts of the body.
Market town – A town that was traditionally a place where people from other
towns and villages would come to buy and sell goods.
Clue – A piece of information that might help you solve a puzzle, crime or

Listen and the words above to the sentences below:

They don’t play Cajun music but they play the ………………
It has a train station, a college because I went to there, a small ………………., so the
main street were all the shops are.
The first …………
It’s interesting because it has an ……………… heritage.
It’s a ……………….. in the middle of lots of coal mining villages.

Comprehension questions

What’s the connection between Key West in Florida to Madawaska in Maine?
According to Dave, what’s the difference between a village and a town?
What do the letters DC stand for in Washington DC?

Conversation questions

Think about Egham, Madawaska and Wakefield: Whose hometown is most
similar to your own?
What are the good and bad things about your hometown?
Why do you live where you live?

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