Fast and Quick

Fast and quick – Grammar

Fast is an adjective and sometimes adverb.
Quick is adjective. Quickly is adverb.
Fast is adjective: Have you ever been in a really fast car or on a really fast train?
Quickly is adverb. But Fast can also be adverb.
Tell me about a time when you travelled fast/quickly.
Quick and fast
Quick is usually for a short time
I had a quick chat with John about my new job.
I need a quick answer.
Fast for speed
What’s the fastest animal in the world?
Do you talk quickly?
Did you get used to living in Spain quickly or did it take a long time?
Do you agree with the phrase: Live fast, die young.
Speed: Noun. Is the velocity you go.
This car goes at high speeds.
To speed: verb. To go too quickly in a car.
Have you ever been fined for speeding?
What’s faster:
African Lion or Greyhound
Elephant or squirel
Usain Bolt or a domestic cat?
A car traveling within the UK speed limit or a cheetah


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