English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.

Though – preposition.
Have you ever driven through an amazing place but not had time to stop?
Have you ever been through a terrible break up?
Tough – adjective – difficult, hard, strong
What’s the toughest exam you’ve ever done?
Who’s the big Hollywood tough guy now?  And in the past?  Are you a fan?
Thorough – adjective – complete, perfect
Do you have a thorough understanding of spanish grammar?
When you write an email do you give it a thorough check for spelling mistakes?
Thought – past simple, participle and noun
Have you ever thought about making a drastic change in your life?
What’s more important?  Thought or Action?
Though – conjunction- similar to although
Though is usually used a the end of a sentence with to express contrast.
It can also go at the beginning or in the middle – between two clauses.
Complete these sentences with though:
Steven is smells bad….
Cats are not very friendly…
The world is a cold place full of bad people…
England is cold and wet…
More examples of ough and augh.
Sound you make when you have something unwanted in your throat.
A mix of flour and water that later becomes bread.
The thing you do when something is funny.
Not too little or too much.
Not smooth.
To move soil before it’s time for a farmer to plant crops or vegetables.


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