Vocabulary: Careless spender Don’t bargain for Tight fisted Thrifty In the red Cost of living Average income Rely on Instalments Wealth Time to spare Pile Tax

myth busting evidence proof lab coat clipboard sensible pippet test tube curious mould feather hammer fundamental particle

Difficult Vocab: unashamed geek piqued my interest mess with a huge amount lever dial book (verb) can’t stand polorise (opinions) a chip bleeds

Difficult Vocab from Rob’s Podcast cage (shark and crocodile) salt water, fresh water swamp / marsh wiggling your fingers around lulled into a false sense of security squash start at the bottom runner big break seasick in the thick of it mud walrus, seahorse, squid, whale-shark baddie

Part 1 1. Go back to basics – make sure you can say basic things perfectly.  I like ….ing. I’m 30. I’m a teacher. Basic information. Part 2 2. Answer two parts of the question. Compare = describe the similarities and differences.  Don’t describe the scene in detail. Look at the text to remind you […]

All the listenings are repeated so you hear them twice. There are 4 parts to the Cambridge First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced Exams.  The listen part lasts 40 minutes.  You are given 5 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the listening Tips It’s very important to read the […]

Cambridge Exams Tips With Dave, Beth and Lucy from Taylor School and Adriana from Expert English.  Links: Exam day tips and podcast, sample papers B2 First, sample papers C1 advanced , cursos presenciales y por Skype. Tip 1 ─ Practice essays a lot Part 1: Essay ─ Never forget to include a third idea that is your own. Tip 2 ─ Learn […]

Cambridge Exams Tips With Dave, Beth and Lucy from Taylor School and Adriana from Expert English.  Links: Exam day tips and podcast, sample papers B2 First, sample papers C1 advanced , cursos presenciales y por Skype. Tip 1 – Know the parts of the exam There are 4 parts to the Use of English Exam Use […]

Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced Exams – Exam Day Tips Gill Brownlow from The Cambridge Exam Centre ACEIPA Cambridge Exams Cambridge exams started in 1913 with the proficiency exam and now there are the following levels: A1 Young Learners Exams A2 Key (also for schools) B1 Preliminary (also for schools) B2 First (also for […]

Though – preposition. Have you ever driven through an amazing place but not had time to stop? Have you ever been through a terrible break up? Tough – adjective – difficult, hard, strong What’s the toughest exam you’ve ever done? Who’s the big Hollywood tough guy now?  And in the past?  Are you a fan? […]

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