Vocabulary: Careless spender Don’t bargain for Tight fisted Thrifty In the red Cost of living Average income Rely on Instalments Wealth Time to spare Pile Tax

Difficult Vocab: unashamed geek piqued my interest mess with a huge amount lever dial book (verb) can’t stand polorise (opinions) a chip bleeds

Difficult Vocab from Rob’s Podcast cage (shark and crocodile) salt water, fresh water swamp / marsh wiggling your fingers around lulled into a false sense of security squash start at the bottom runner big break seasick in the thick of it mud walrus, seahorse, squid, whale-shark baddie

Part 1 1. Go back to basics – make sure you can say basic things perfectly.  I like ….ing. I’m 30. I’m a teacher. Basic information. Part 2 2. Answer two parts of the question. Compare = describe the similarities and differences.  Don’t describe the scene in detail. Look at the text to remind you […]

Cambridge Exams Tips With Dave, Beth and Lucy from Taylor School and Adriana from Expert English.  Links: Exam day tips and podcast, sample papers B2 First, sample papers C1 advanced , cursos presenciales y por Skype. Tip 1 ─ Practice essays a lot Part 1: Essay ─ Never forget to include a third idea that is your own. Tip 2 ─ Learn […]

Cambridge Exams Tips With Dave, Beth and Lucy from Taylor School and Adriana from Expert English.  Links: Exam day tips and podcast, sample papers B2 First, sample papers C1 advanced , cursos presenciales y por Skype. Tip 1 – Know the parts of the exam There are 4 parts to the Use of English Exam Use […]

Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced Exams – Exam Day Tips Gill Brownlow from The Cambridge Exam Centre ACEIPA Cambridge Exams Cambridge exams started in 1913 with the proficiency exam and now there are the following levels: A1 Young Learners Exams A2 Key (also for schools) B1 Preliminary (also for schools) B2 First (also for […]

Though – preposition. Have you ever driven through an amazing place but not had time to stop? Have you ever been through a terrible break up? Tough – adjective – difficult, hard, strong What’s the toughest exam you’ve ever done? Who’s the big Hollywood tough guy now?  And in the past?  Are you a fan? […]

Fast and quick – Grammar Fast is an adjective and sometimes adverb. Quick is adjective. Quickly is adverb. Fast is adjective: Have you ever been in a really fast car or on a really fast train? Quickly is adverb. But Fast can also be adverb. Tell me about a time when you travelled fast/quickly. Quick […]

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