The music industry

The music industry with Jorge Otero

Role play

I’m the manager of a band. Jorge is the leader. They’re talking about their record and the tour
they are planning.
Dave: How’s the album coming along Jorge?
Jorge: Not bad. We’re mixing it now. It should be finished in a week or so.
D: How did it go with those

session musicians recording the string parts

J: They were great. Jason, the sound engineer recommended them and they were amazing.
How are the negotiations with the record company going?
D: We’re still trying to work out the percentages.
J: Go on…
D: They’re going to do all

distribution, promotion

and they’ll organise the tour and

in return
they’re asking for 70% of all revenue

from the album and tour and they want 50% of all
J: That’s crazy. What did you tell them?
D: I told them that was crazy, but

you have to bear in mind

that they’re a big label and they
will get you into festivals and

give you promotion that other labels just wouldn’t manage.
J: What about paying for the recording?
D: They’d pay up to 2000€ for recording. No more.

How much have you spent so far?
J: About 4000€ but it’s going to sound awesome.
D: It had better sound good for that money. They also said they’d give you a 5000€ advance for
the tour. Oh yeah and about the

merchandising agreement

, you’d only get 5% of
merchandising sales.
J: Send all that to me in an email and we’ll talk about it tomorrow. Right now I’m too busy to
think about those details.
D: Did I tell about the gig next month in Madrid. It’s on the 17th and it’s

a flat fee

of 1500€.
J: That’s fine. You’ll be there won’t you? I can…..
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distribution, promotion

in return they’re asking for 70% of all revenue

you have to bear in mind

give you promotion that other labels just wouldn’t manage.

How much have you spent so far?

a flat fee


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