marzo 5, 2018

Last summer I time travelled to the time of the dinosaurs. I made a rodeo show with dinosaurs. I made an investigation of footprints. We ate a dinosaur egg. I rode a dinosaur. I played football with the dinosaurs. I took a lot of photos of the dinosaurs. Last summer I time travelled to Ancient […]

Our ESO students did a fascinating scientific survey to find out the what the class would rather do. Here are the results: Would you prefer to kiss Little Nicolas or a snake? 70% Snake 30% Little Nicolas Would you rather be friends with Justin Bieber or Gemeliers? 50% Justin Bieber 50% Gemeliers Would you rather […]

Our 1st year ESO students prepared these definitions for our vocab Can you match the definitions with the sports words? Track Coach Prize Changing room Race Score It’s the place where you take off some clothes and you put on other clothes. It’s a competition where you run. Put the ball into the net. Something [...]
Our secondary students prepared a questionnaire to find out if you’re an idiot. 1) If you were rich what would you buy? A) A big house B) A helicopter C) A car made of gold 2) If you get 0 on an exam what do you do? A) I don’t tell anyone B) I say [...]

Cuando entra gente a interesarse por los cursos de inglés en nuestra academia de inglés en Oviedo, siempre preguntamos lo mismo : “ Más o menos, ¿qué nivel tienes?”.  La granmayoría responde : “Hmmm… Intermedio, creo”.  Al hacer la prueba de nivel que realizamosnormalmente para comprobar el nivel real, los ‘intermedios’ pueden transformarse y caer… entre un A2 […]

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